Houweling’s Tomato Experts — A Head Growers Perspective

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In many ways tomatoes are part of us as they are one of the most cultivated and consumed vegetable in the world. They have been studied vigorously and without doubt they are part of many culinary recipes.

Originally domesticated in South America and imported in Europe in the early 16th century. Tomatoes have become a staple in many cultures’ diets. Today it is almost impossible to imagine life without them. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and include a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to acidic.… Read more

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Houweling’s Tomato Experts — Born & Raised in the Greenhouse

The Cover Story Wim February 2014

That 9 month young tomato picker sitting in his father’s arm happens to be your Delta Grower; “Born and raised” in the greenhouse as they say. I learned by crawling between the vines and playing with my Tonka Toys in the greenhouse soil, there was no better place in paradise than in those greenhouses.

When I started working in my father’s greenhouses in the 80’s, he was already in his 50’s, a tomato-veteran, but still amongst the very best tomato growers of Holland.… Read more

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February is all about HEART!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or American Heart month, February is full of HEART! For Houweling’s, our tomatoes represent our heart. They’re the foundation of why we exist as a company and not only do they fill our hearts up with love and admiration … they also happen to be heart healthy.

The bond of tomatoes and humans is magnified when you look at the history of tomatoes and humans:

Did you know …

  •  Tomatoes are one of the most largely cultivated fruits and are included in many culinary dishes across the world.
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    Super Bowl – Spicy Signature Medley Tomato Guacamole

    It is that time of the year again as The Super Bowl pool is moving across the office everyone at Houweling’s Tomatoes is excited about the big game! This year’s game showcases the best offense the league has seen in years (Denver Broncos) and the best defense in the NFL (Seattle Seahawks).

    Hopefully it is an exciting game that comes down to the final minutes, but either way the Super Bowl is a great excuse to get together with family and friends, eat food, relax, and watch some of the best television commercials of the year.… Read more

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    The Vine Online — January 2014

    The Vine Online February 2014 English

    With the turn of the calendar from 2013 to 2014, many people start the year off with a New Year’s Resolution. At Houweling’s, each department has come forward with a resolution for the January issue of “The Vine” and unlike the usual “go to the gym” or “eat healthier” resolutions, our management team are committed to seeing these through. Some are simple, some are large, but all will make a difference!… Read more

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