houweling's history

Casey Houweling – Proprietor

Casey Houweling is a visionary. From the time he was a small boy pruning and picking his father’s vegetables, Casey has known what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be a farmer, but not a traditional one. Now in his 60’s, he heads one of the most technically-advanced and environmentally-friendly greenhouse operations in the world.

“Growing the best tomatoes doesn’t come easy,” he likes to say. And he is quick to add that there are no shortcuts in craftsmanship. A man known for his work ethic, Casey’s dedication to quality is rooted in his deep respect for his father’s commitment to quality. The passion for growing the best tomatoes is in the blood. It’s as simple as that, and those who know the Houweling’s operation can attest to the fact that craftsman’s care extends beyond Casey Houweling. It permeates the entire operation – from seeding and propagation through sales and service.

In a world where companies expand through broad and sometimes reckless diversification, Casey believes in specializing in one business – greenhouse vegetables. The specialist philosophy isn’t new; it’s quite simple, really. He believes that focus and attention to one category  versus an array of fruits and vegetables is critical to enhancing one’s know-how. Ultimately, know-how and passion are the keys to quality.

Though he always knew his vocational calling, Casey Houweling never gave much thought to life beyond the greenhouse until he met his future wife. Today, Casey enjoys another house; this one isn’t made of glass. It is the loving home of Casey, wife Linda and daughters Rebecca, Monica and April.