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Glass-enclosed structures provide a growing environment closed to weather pressures and pest access but open to the natural rays of the sun. Within Houweling's greenhouses, highly advanced systems control the variables, allowing for optimal temperature, humidity, light, and C02 levels. These are the climatic conditions necessary to produce an abundance of healthy, delicious tomatoes.

All of our plants are grown hydroponically, without the use of soil –seldom do we see weeds and if we do, we pull them by hand, eliminating the use of herbicides. A computerized drip irrigation system ensures each individual plant receives the optimal volume of water and nutrients; excess water is recirculated to an on-site water purification facility for reuse. With the ability to capture and store rainwater and run-off, our filtration system dramatically reduces overall water usage.

On the chance that unwanted pests find their way into our enclosed ecosystem, we make use of a unique natural pest management system that allows good bugs to go after bad ones. Only as a last resort to mitigate massive crop devastation would we resort to pesticide use.