Why Greenhouse?

Houweling’s fresh, greenhouse grown products are produced in the world’s most technologically advanced growing environments.   These facilities are constructed of glass covered structures that give our growers complete control of the climate and allow for maximum light transmission while reducing pest and weather pressures.

The climate in our greenhouses is controlled through highly advanced systems which allow our growers to optimize temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 levels within the environment.

Our plants are all grown hydroponically, without the use of soil.  By growing our plants this way, weeds cannot grow thereby eliminating the need to use herbicides.

We also employ the use of drip irrigation.  This allows for the delivery of just the right amount of water and nutrients to the plants at the right time.  Most of the water we use is collected from rainwater.

We employ an integrated pest management program which reduces the pesticide usage significantly, and are kept well below the standards accepted by the USDA.  Pest pressures are further diminished at our newly expanded Oxnard facility as the greenhouse is a semi-enclosed environment reducing entry points for pests.  The facility also incorporates the use of overpressure in this facility.  Overpressure inhibits the movement of pests in the greenhouse, and neutralizes the damage they can cause to plants.

All of the important growing benefits of growing in our greenhouses are further aided by the unique microclimates of Camarillo, CA and Delta, BC.  Both locations offer optimal sunshine and moderate temperatures which allow our products to flourish.

These factors, in addition to the passion and craftsman care that our growers treat our plants with produce the very best array of hydroponically grown tomatoes and cucumbers available. Producing the freshest, best tasting products is our number one objective.

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