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7 Wonder Facts of our Tomato World

Facts are funny. You want them to help with decision-making. But sometimes, the more facts you have on the table, the tougher it is to make the decision. Consider a single fact; I’ve seen plenty of examples where that fact is used to support or oppose the same argument.

You’re probably wondering what I’m getting at – frankly, nothing more than serving up some wonder (some mind-boggling) facts about my world of tomatoes.  … Read more

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Houweling’s #365Green – Week 4 & 5 wrap-up ‘Green Energy’

Combined Heat, Power & CO2

It is an exciting day for Houweling’s as we will bring our latest green innovation online. We officially unveil our two low emission GE natural gas cogeneration engines, the first US greenhouse installation. These machines are remarkable and will contribute to the State of California’s goal to create 6500 MW of new CHP power generation while reducing our environmental impact and allow us to continue to grow our great tasting tomatoes, which after all is what we do best!… Read more

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Come on CEOs, Do Something Green. You Can Make Money at It.

Houweling's Solar Panels

In this day and age, not enough CEOs are giving thought to making their companies more environmentally friendly. Some, like Richard Branson (the Virgin Earth Challenge – see the YouTube video below) and Larry Page (Google Energy) are leading the way. Mr. Page has invested more than $200 million dollars in wind farms and solar power. If all goes well, Google’s investment in the construction of a solar power plant in California (http://ivanpahsolar.com/) will be the largest solar thermal project in the world, supplying electricity to 140,000 homes.… Read more

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