Not Just the Boss – A surprise Father’s day gift for Casey Houweling

Father & Daughter

Dear Dad,

I want you to know how privileged I am to be working and learning alongside of you.  I never imagined I would have such an incredible person in my life to not only call my boss, but also my father and mentor.  Entering the family business has opened up a new world for me, not only educationally, but as well to better know the man my father is. Growing up, I’ve watched you devote your life to mom and my sisters with never-ending love and support. Seeing how you run the company that you built from almost nothing brings a new appreciation and respect for the man I am proud to call my father.

Each day I see how you face the stresses of work – always with patience and passion – always with a view to influencing and encouraging others to strive for the best they can be, while still encouraging everyone’s own personality to shine through.  I see the passion and pride shine through, whether a Houweling by blood or not. Mastery is in the air.

I also love the fact that it’s not about the money; your constant reminder that it’s about passion and loving what you do and doing it well will be with me forever. You are a wonderful example, not only to me, but to everyone else within the company. I know how crazy and overwhelming your schedule can be, and yet, you are always there for us – always a Dad first.

Thank you so much for supporting my love of equestrian within the North American arena. I appreciate you driving me and my horse miles and miles to places such as Kentucky, and when you couldn’t be there, keeping tabs on how things are going by telephone.  Your youngest daughter feels the same way. You were never one to be interested in sports but you quickly became the “volleyball dad” because of all your exuberant cheering for April and her team from the stands. I also know that Rebecca will be thrilled to have you by her side this summer when she returns to Guatemala to help the people by generously volunteering her nursing skills.

So, on behalf of your three daughters, I want to wish you the happiest Father’s Day ever. You deserve it because you are an incredible father, mentor, and boss.  Thank you for blessing our lives so much.

Your loving daughter,



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