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Mindsets & Manifestos

I’ve always thought of manifestos as politically-driven calls to action. Worldwide, the “Communist Manifesto” is probably the best known, but I suspect that you, like me, have never read a single word of it. In fact, it was news to me that businesses also have manifestos. I read Tim Cook’s version of The Apple Way soon after Steve Jobs passed away and now I understand why Apple’s employees are so motivated and loyal.… Read more

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10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Tomatoes

From time to time, I’m asked about tomato recipes. From the outset, I tell people that I’m not a gourmet cook and the way I judge tomato recipes is pretty simple. I like tomato recipes that are quick and easy to make, and don’t contain cilantro. Of course, there’s no reason why my distaste for cilantro should be your problem. If you like salsa, you probably like cilantro. And one more thing – a tomato recipe is a non-starter if it doesn’t showcase the natural flavor of a fresh tomato.… Read more

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