The Vine Online – May 2013

May 2013 Vine

Well this is our 3rd edition of The Vine Online and I hope you are enjoying the little bit of insight into our company. This newsletter is such an important communication tool for our many employees, but I am always amazed as I watch people leave our offices with backdated issues. That is a good thing and why we are committed to publishing these newsletters each month.

This month, I’m focussing on the “The Power of the Plate”, referencing the “CA GROWN” and “BC GROWN” license plate icons we put on our packaging to clearly let shoppers know where the product is grown. When I’m shopping I get quite frustrated with a huge USA address and a tiny, foreign country of origin you need a magnifying glass to find. That is why we are loud and proud at Houweling’s with our locally grown products.

As I mentioned last month, if you have any questions or comments, please email us or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

To access the English or Spanish versions, click the  links or the pictures.

May 2013 Vine spanish


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