The Vine Online — January 2014

The Vine Online February 2014 English

With the turn of the calendar from 2013 to 2014, many people start the year off with a New Year’s Resolution. At Houweling’s, each department has come forward with a resolution for the January issue of “The Vine” and unlike the usual “go to the gym” or “eat healthier” resolutions, our management team are committed to seeing these through. Some are simple, some are large, but all will make a difference!

So take a look at “The Vine” to see our 2014 department resolutions, learn about how we are using bumble bees to pollinate our plants and how our new “Greenhouse Fresh” line will help to supply our valued retail partners.

Once again, we hope you enjoy this window into our glass house and would like to hear from you. Please email us with any comments question, etc. to

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The Vine Online February 2014 Spanish

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