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Utah Greenhouse Project Update


Hello Mona, Utah!

This past week the excitement of planning a project such as Houweling’s Tomatoes sustainable greenhouse farm in Utah, got put into high gear as we are now under construction! As you can see from the pictures included, crews have begun the process of levelling the land where our 28.3 acre greenhouse will be built through the summer.

If you aren’t familiar with the project, let me bring you up to speed.… Read more

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The Vine Online – May 2013

May 2013 Vine

Well this is our 3rd edition of The Vine Online and I hope you are enjoying the little bit of insight into our company. This newsletter is such an important communication tool for our many employees, but I am always amazed as I watch people leave our offices with backdated issues. That is a good thing and why we are committed to publishing these newsletters each month.

This month, I’m focussing on the “The Power of the Plate”, referencing the “CA GROWN” and “BC GROWN” license plate icons we put on our packaging to clearly let shoppers know where the product is grown.… Read more

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The Vine Online – March 2013

Just over a year ago we started an initiative at our company called “THE VINE”. It’s a newsletter that we publish monthly in English and Spanish that provides the more than 750 employees at our two greenhouse farms updates from various departments. I believe it is important to ensure everyone in the company whether they are one of our dedicated workers tending to the vines, or the hard working people processing invoices, packing orders, selling our products etc, have an idea of what is going on outside of their individual roles/departments.… Read more

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7 Wonder Facts of our Tomato World

Facts are funny. You want them to help with decision-making. But sometimes, the more facts you have on the table, the tougher it is to make the decision. Consider a single fact; I’ve seen plenty of examples where that fact is used to support or oppose the same argument.

You’re probably wondering what I’m getting at – frankly, nothing more than serving up some wonder (some mind-boggling) facts about my world of tomatoes.  … Read more

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One Week in Guatemala – A Life Changing Impact

For those that don’t know me, I am a Canadian and in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October instead of November like the USA. This thanksgiving has given us even more to be thankful for as we are making progress on a Guatemala school nutrition project. This past July I had a life changing experience in Guatemala. Below is a journal of the trip I wrote for our employee newsletter.

My eldest daughter Rebecca (1 year away from completing her studies as a Registered Nurse) asked me to join her for a weeklong trip to Guatemala to the remote mountain region of Tactic, Guatemala, where she spent 2 and a half months volunteering in a medical clinic last year. … Read more

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