Houweling’s Super Bowl Picks

The Super Bowl pool is moving across the office as everyone at Houweling’s Tomatoes is excited about the big game. It features two exciting teams, the Ravens & 49ers. The rivalry of this Super Bowl will be magnified by the bond of two brothers who square off as the head coaches of the teams. We expect a thrilling game that will come down to the final minutes, if the playoffs are any indicator, it will.

For many the Super Bowl is just an excuse to get together with family and friends, eat food, relax, watch the game and some of the best television commercials of the year. If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, impress your guests with your culinary expertise or themed food art for the game.

To help you out we’ve found a touchdown’s worth of great tomato recipes for Super Bowl. Whether it comes down to a 7 yard pass, a 5 yard run, a sack, a touchdown or a hail Mary you can have that perfect party snack to go for the win! 

Game Day Recipe Plays: 

If you are looking for more delicious tomato recipes, check out our 2013 Signature Recipes!

Special Thanks to Kyle in our Camarillo office for putting together the delicious Tomato Guacamole Football field for team in the office to enjoy this afternoon.

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