Houweling’s #365Green – Week 3 Wrap-up ‘Take Pictures, leave footprints’


The title for this weeks update came from Veronica H. of Redding, CA. She was sharing her family’s philosophy when in nature, but I think we can all take a lesson from it. Really, no matter where we are and what we are doing we need to take more pictures and leave foot prints instead of waste. That is not Veronica in the above picture, that is Karen S of Lincoln, CA who shared this picture of her vegetable garden. She is proud that many of the seeds in her garden came from her grandparents and keep producing. My kind of seeds.

Staying on the idea of footprints, Margaret M from Springfield, CA & Aaron Q of Vancouver, BC shared comments on the benefits of buying local produce vs. imported. This is something I believe strongly in, which is the main reason Houweling’s came to the US in the first place. Aaron also shared:

“Being (or trying) to be sustainable can be an exhausting endeavor… While we may not think of it, every day, every decision we make it related to sustainability.”

You are right Aaron, and that is why you are an Enviro Star, who shared the below star fish photo.

#365Green Enviro Star

As I mentioned last week, I am really surprised by all the great submissions. Thank you to all who have entered and best of luck in the future draws. Speaking of draws… special congratulations to Steve P. of San Diego, CA who was ecstatic when he received the news that we was the week 3 winner. Steve said:

“This is going to really make my year.”

That’s exciting for me, because I know a major tomato lover was drawn. Great work Steve, but even with Free tomatoes for a year, no one eats as many tomatoes as me.

With my regards,

Our Mindset



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