Houweling’s #365Green – Week 1 Wrap-up

Well the first week of our Houweling’s 365Green contest is in the books and I have to say, I was blown away by some of the responses we received.

First-off, I want to congratulate Jacki of Mission, BC our week 1 winner who is very excited to start receiving her tasty tomato care packages in the fall. Jacki reminds us all that sustainability can be a collection of small things done in the home, but the real opportunity is to educate our children about sustainability, to ensure our planet has an enduring future.  Here is a highlight in her words:

“I have always been eco friendly and sustainability is such a big part of it. My family composts, recycles, has all the latest water saving appliances and also use solar panels…”

Jacki also sent this great picture of her family going surfing together. Not quite the waves from the “Seeds of Tomorrow are Sown Today” video, but I am sure they are working their way up to that level!

Here are just a few more of my favorites and I will be sharing more entries throughout the contest.

Sherri from Newark, California sent in this picture of solar panels installed on her house. I‘m a big fan of solar, especially in California where we have sunshine over 300 days of the year. In a few years since installing the panels Sherri and her family have produced 24,045kWh and this is only one of their green initiatives.

Sarah from St. Albert, Alberta certainly made me smile with her window farm set-up. As she says:

“Using supplies found in any hardware store and old plastic bottles, an irrigation system can be set up in a window frame in which plants can be grown easily in the home.”


I have to say though; the one that tugged at my heart strings was from Cindy of Salem, Oregon. I often talk about my 3 daughters when asked about why I have made sustainability investments for Houweling’s Tomatoes.  Here is what she had to say:

“What sustainability means to me would have to be my granddaughter.  She is 21 years old.  Has been a dedicated vegetarian for at least 7 of her 21 years.  She currently is a student and is working towards a degree in Environmental Science.  She works as a volunteer for a wildlife refuge called Turtle Ridge.  She loves the entire concept of conservation, and she practices it in her daily life.  While going to school she lives with me, her grandmother.  I find myself learning a lot about the food we eat, the impact we as humans have on our earth and its inhabitants.  I am so proud of my granddaughters ‘footprint’ on our world.  I, also, often find a great deal of humor in it all when I have to remember to plug in an appliance in my house to get it to work.  She unplugs everything after she uses it.  I never mind, it merely makes me smile.”

Thanks for the great entry Cindy, you certainly have a superstar eco granddaughter who is making a difference.

Don’t forget, our contest will be running for the next 7 weeks with 9 more winners to be announced. Visit our Facebook Contest site to enter.

As always, with my regards,

Our Mindset

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