Houweling’s #365Green – Week 4 & 5 wrap-up ‘Green Energy’

Combined Heat, Power & CO2

It is an exciting day for Houweling’s as we will bring our latest green innovation online. We officially unveil our two low emission GE natural gas cogeneration engines, the first US greenhouse installation. These machines are remarkable and will contribute to the State of California’s goal to create 6500 MW of new CHP power generation while reducing our environmental impact and allow us to continue to grow our great tasting tomatoes, which after all is what we do best!

Combined we will generate 8.7 MW of power (enough to power 8,800 average US homes) and capture 10.6 MW of thermal energy which can be stored and used to heat the greenhouse at night. On top of that we will capture the CO2 exhaust for fertilization in the greenhouse (diverting about 21,400 tons annually, equal to the emissions of more than 4,00 automobiles) and the water vapor that occurs during combustion (9,500 gallons/day). Stay tuned for more coverage from the event!

Now onto the some #365Green energy themed submissions. Still a couple left for your chance to WIN FREE TOMATOES!!!

Michael G from Ferndale, Washington has a great #365Green idea that also benefits education:

“I’d like to someday start a charity that donates solar panels to schools with the condition that any money saved on electricity goes to scholarship funds.  Until I can get that going though I simply turn as much of my yard into a vegetable garden as I can.”

Tammera W of Renton, Washington sent in some lovely pictures from to accompany her submission:

“Am currently saving up to install solar power to my home. Less carbon emissions to impact our delicate Eco System”


Malena B from Berkeley, California shared this great photo of some fresh caught fish and offered her energy saving tips:

“We love to go fishing & we love to cook our catches on the bbq grill or in a fire pit, using candles for light & cooking on the grill greatly reduces the use of gas & electricity & is fun for the kids at the same time! Plus its much more relaxing & saves money too!”

I also want to make a quick mention of Maria V who is from Merced, California. Her family was green long before it was fashionable as she says. I couldn’t help but want to share the phrase she submitted:

“Save the Earth, it’s the only one with tomatoes on it!

Thank you for all of the submissions and special congratulations to Christina M & Carlos S, our two latest winners drawn last week and this respectively.

With my regards,

Our Mindset

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