Cogen Project Launch & #365Green week 6 wrap-up

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What a week. Since my last blog, the flood of contest entries has continued and we successfully launched our 2 GE Jenbacher Combined Heat, Power, Water & CO2 plant. With over 250 people in attendance we certainly put forward an impressive event. If you are interested in seeing how the day unfolded, it has been condensed into a video on our Website and YouTube.

The technology behind the Jenbacher engine and catalytic converter for CO2 fertilization can be a little technical. The image above (click to enlarge it) gives a very simple overview of how the system works. I am proud to have the first installation in America. My hope is our experience blazing the CHP Greenhouse trail stateside will result in many more! When you think about it, it’s pretty unbelievable that not only can we generate power on site and support the grid when it requires, but we are capturing the normally wasted heat, water and CO2 for use as inputs in the greenhouse. Truly a #365Green project!

Speaking of the contest, I chose to highlight just two entries this week. The first from Canada came to us from Lindsay T of Mission BC. Lindsay gets the sustainable farming concept.

“We have been straw bale gardening for years which is great because at the end of the summer we use the straw for mulch in our flower beds. This system uses way less water and way less space. “

This sounds a lot like using the old coco fiber medium we plant our tomatoes in that Dennis M from North Vancouver used in his yard!


The second entry I want to share is from Jim O of Selma, California. Jim made a major green water conservation investment in his front yard as he explains.

“We removed our front lawn and replaced it with drought tolerant and mostly edible plants (like herbs and edible flowers). And to water it, we installed a rain curtain at the edge of our front porch that falls into a pool. The pool is connected to a channel filled with rocks that conveys the water out into the yard. We have the greenest yard in the neighborhood and we use the least water.”

Jim is using less water while getting it from rain instead of the local supply. That is 100% #365Green! And if you read this Jim, please send us a picture to, we’d love to see it.

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