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#MasterySeries: From Gun to Knife

Hand Carving

As you may have noticed, the ‘Mastery Under Glass’ slogan is part of our logo. To us at Houweling’s these words are a constant reminder that growing superb tomatoes requires passion, continuous improvement, and a mindset that seeks to be the best we can be. The concept of ‘Mastery’ can also apply to many things in life. With that in mind, I decided to periodically blog about some remarkable people who not only make ‘Mastery’ a reality at Houweling’s but who also extend their mastery beyond the greenhouse.… Read more

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What Goes Around, Comes Around


My choice of heading for this week’s blog isn’t the least bit vindictive. I’m not telling you that justice has been served or that you got what you deserved. My intent is to take you through a brief history of a tomato’s journey from farm to market.

Before the invention of refrigeration, farmers transported crops by horse and wagon to the local market. If the market wasn’t close, canned goods were the only option.… Read more

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What I Learned from Steve Jobs

I finally finished Walter Isaacson’s 650 page biography of Steve Jobs. There is a lot I liked about the book – most of Jobs’ business principles mirror my own beliefs in how I want to lead my company, especially his entrepreneurial spirit and brilliant vision of the future. Imagine having the confidence to make what people would buy without ever asking them. Like many geniuses in their field, he had a unique personality – a man who could be cruel, belligerent, controlling, aloof, introspective, intense, weird, passionate, driven and stubborn.… Read more

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