#365Green Contest week 7 wrap-up – The Final Countdown


A short update this week that starts with a huge congratulations to Angie E of North Dakota. Our tomatoes don’t make it to the mid-west too often, but fortunately for Angie she is going to see them right at her door every two weeks for a year. Proving the more you enter, the better your chances of winning, Angie has shared her simple #365Green tips on everything from recycling all your papers to save trees, conserving energy with the simple flip of a light switch when you are not in a room to donating unused items to charity so others can benefit.

If you are wondering about the beautiful picture at the top of this blog, that came to us from Signal Hill, CA, courtesy of Tadd A. Per Tadd’s entry a picture is worth a thousand words and man, this picture tells me we owe it to our beautiful earth to be #365Green all the time … Not just when our tasty tomatoes are on the line J

Richard S of Nicasio, California is quite the ardent gardener as you can see from his picture of fresh California grown Heirlooms. He focused on energy savings and local species growth. Here is what he had to say:

“I’ve upgraded the water heaters in my house to be on demand.  No carbon emissions and wasted fuel from constantly keeping water hot waiting for me to need it.  Now when I turn on the hot water  the gas kicks on and makes hot water, when I turn it off the gas goes off – it’s fantastic!  I’m also converting my garden to California natives, encouraging habitat and food sources for local wildlife species… AND I’ve planted my own organic vegetable garden and started taking better care of soil – healthy soil traps carbon and makes for a healthier plan(t)et.”


I especially like the “healthier plan(t)et.” part. That sure applies to Houweling’s Tomatoes.

There is less than a week left in our contest and I would like to thank each and every one of you who took a moment to share your #365Green suggestions. With all of the submissions and great ideas coming in, it tells me there is a reason for optimism when it comes to the environment. It will take all of us to bring this optimism to reality. At Houweling’s, we have the will to renew … Do you?

We will be drawing our two final contest winners on Monday.  We will be drawing one winner from our Facebook contest entries and one winner from our Twitter entries.  To enter on Facebook please go here <link to www.winfreetomatoes.com> and to enter on Twitter please tweet the following:

@houwelings_   is leading the way in #sustainable #farming! Enter to win free Tomatoes for a Year www.winfreetomatoes.com  #365Green

With my regards,

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