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What I Learned from Steve Jobs

I finally finished Walter Isaacson’s 650 page biography of Steve Jobs. There is a lot I liked about the book – most of Jobs’ business principles mirror my own beliefs in how I want to lead my company, especially his entrepreneurial spirit and brilliant vision of the future. Imagine having the confidence to make what people would buy without ever asking them. Like many geniuses in their field, he had a unique personality – a man who could be cruel, belligerent, controlling, aloof, introspective, intense, weird, passionate, driven and stubborn.… Read more

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The Wonder Food

If you read my previous blog , you already know that I’m passionate about tomatoes – I can talk about them all day long and sometimes into the night, much to the chagrin of my patient wife. With almost 40 years of planting, nurturing, picking, grading and consuming greenhouse tomatoes, I ought to be an expert. Some people consider me just that. But the truth is this: I’m learning something new about tomato growing every day.… Read more

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